A Simple Word…

I wanted to share this because it was SO encouraging to me!  (read pages 3-5 on the article link below!)  A simple word for the Lord Jesus can reap eternal rewards!  I love hearing other’s stories of what they are seeing Christ do through them, and I also benefit greatly from hearing what things they say – it gives me ideas since I do not consider myself to be great at knowing what to say in the moment.  Here’s a little glimpse of how this article encouraged me that way…

Tom preached two messages,
which meant that hundreds of passersby heard the
Gospel, and as a group, they gave out more than 100
copies of the gospel of John, Romans and Psalms.
Several folks sat on nearby benches and listened the
whole time. One elderly man even approached the
group.“How are you doing, sir?” Tom asked.
“Not so good,” was his reply and then he started to
speak of his different ailments.
Tom looked at him with compassion,“Sir, do you have
“My only hope is that I have a burial plot reserved for
me in the cemetery,” the man replied.
By the time they had finished sharing with him the
good news of the Gospel, Tom said,“If it were only just to
meet you, sir, then it was worth it for us to come today.”
A big smile lit up the man’s whole countenance, and he
left, now with a new hope that there is hope!
Praise the Lord!  May we be willing to say a simple word for Him!
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