Revival! A changed life! A changed marriage! and it’s just the beginning!

(this is written by my buddy Dan, who came to the week of prayer, and left a changed man….. He now has a changed marriage, changed home, and the Lord is moving in his assembly) – rejoice and pray!!!


Dearly Beloved,


I wanted to share a piece of the testimony of how God is already moving here in Dallas Texas.  I don’t have time to give every detail but I’m completely humbled in the presence of God.  He is answering your prayers for me and my marriage.  He is answering your prayers for my church, He is at work.  Even as I type this things are happening that are of God and I have to edit and change the story because God has moved faster than I can write it down. Oh Praise His Name together with me.

First in my marriage.  When I returned from the prayer conference I immediately confessed to Cyndi that I hadn’t been the spiritual leader in prayer that she and our family needs and I asked her to forgive me.  She repeatedly asked me to pray with her and I ignored her or made excuses for years to my shame.  Thankfully she immediately forgave me and we’ve been praying together and it is wonderful to share this new found joy in the Lord with her!  We prayed together that night (Friday) and the distance that we’d both felt between us was gone.  Saturday night we prayed again after returning home from Kansas for a long time before falling asleep.  When we finished praying she said, “I can’t remember the last time I had this much peace before going to bed at night.”  We both feel there is a warmth and a peace between us that has been absent our entire marriage. Sunday we prayed together in the afternoon and then we woke up early Monday and again today at 6:30 to pray before the kids got up.  I have entered into prayer with my wife more in the past 5 days than I thought possible before I was broken and my faith was rekindled.  Praise God!  For years, she has prayed with her friend Lisa and has told her that she felt a block between her and the Lord and she couldn’t figure it out.  So Sunday I shared at church about my week and asked the church to join me in prayer for revival and asked them to forgive me for failing to lead in prayer.  Immediately Lisa texted something to Cyndi.  Afterwards Lisa walked by me as I was talking to another brother (more on that in a minute) and I thanked her for faithfully praying with and for Cyndi and I said in tears, “I was blocking Cyndi”.  She grinned and held up her phone and read the text that she had sent which said, “I know what’s blocking.” It was me all along, I was blocking my wife’s prayers.  I’m so thankful she didn’t give up on me in my rebellion.  Cyndi shared with me later that day that the block she felt between her and the LORD was removed on Friday, the final day of the conference when I returned to Topeka where she was staying.  Needless to say many tears are flowing around here and restoration is happening.  I am loving praying with my wife now.  Update: After finishing this written testimony (so I thought), my wife just called a few minutes ago to share that she met and prayed with one of her friends this morning who she doesn’t normally pray with.  This was an answer to my one of my personal prayers before God yesterday.  I want her to not fear leading other women into prayer.  I want her to be an active part of this revival.   She wouldn’t mind me sharing this request so you can pray.  She feels God may be asking her to lead the next women’s Bible study at our church on the topic of (you guessed it), prayer.  Not to talk long about prayer but to pray.  Would you pray with me that the Spirit of God overflows in her abundantly and that she would be one of many women in our churches who know the secret of prayer and who desire revival.

So when I left the breaking of bread, I saw one of the brothers who had been on my heart all last week standing at the end of the hall.  I just pointed at him he ran to me and we hugged and cried and he said he so wants to experience the Lord like I have in prayer but he’s “afraid of what God might ask him to give up.”  I told him that was me just 9 days ago.  I wanted to feel the intimacy with the LORD but I didn’t want Him to change me.  I told this friend I wasn’t going to stop seeking to pray with him until he had experienced revival in his heart.  This same man’s father came to me and hugged me in tears and whispered in my ear, “Pray for me, my heart is so dry”.  And this was happening over and over.  People have been texting me, calling, emailing, walking in my office.  This is a move of God!  An older brother came into my office Monday and said in his Oklahoma accent, “Boy you’ve gone and done it, you’ve hit me square between the eyes.”  In the past I would have said, “I’ll pray for you” but this time I suggested we pray right then and we locked arms and I prayed for him and then he prayed too.  He confessed that he’s had a cold heart and has allowed strongholds to grip his heart and his family.  He asked the LORD to revive his soul. It was an incredibly precious time of brokenness before the LORD.  He returned this morning to my office to share his efforts to lead in his home and we were drawn once again into the throne room of the LORD and we prayed for revival in his wife’s heart that she might break free from the strongholds in her life that have separated them for many years.  He wants to lead but doesn’t know how so I’ve encouraged him to pray more and more.  God is moving in his family one step at a time and He wants more of God.

Many of you asked me last week what my plan was to take back this joy for prayer and heart for revival that God was working in me and I didn’t have plan and I didn’t know how and I still don’t.  As Scott DeGroff would humbly say, “I’m not smart enough.” I recall telling many of you that I was just going to seek to pray with those who are praying already and grab those who aren’t yet and pull them along with me.  I simply said to the LORD that I will pray whenever, wherever, and with whomever He leads.  I’m embracing opportunities from the LORD rather than rejecting them.  This is a huge step for me because I’m affectionately referred to by some as the clipboard guy, meaning that I like to have a plan and know all the details and make sure all my ducks are in a row before I act.  It is the delight of my soul stop working in my flesh or in my own ability and lean fully on Him and trust His plan and follow His lead.  When I pray He says in His quiet voice, Dan, let me show you what I have planned for you today and it is always more than I could have planned for myself.  There is no other place I would rather be today than here with the LORD.  Monday as I prayed alone in my office I felt what others have testified to at times about God pouring out His love upon them so much that they could not contain it all.  I once thought that was reserved for only some and that I could never have that but I have and IT IS GOOD! Please pray with me that as God pours out His spirit more and more upon our church. Pray that He’d demolish every excuse we’ve come up with not to live for Him.

Another request that I’m asking God for is that I’d be willing to cut ties with the TV.  I’ve been wasting my life in front of it.  I’ve been stealing time from my wife and kids and worst of all I’ve been stealing time and attention from the Lord.  Praise God I haven’t turned on the TV since we’ve been home and I have no desire to do so.  We are getting rid of cable and thinking of getting rid of the TV altogether in order to pray more and draw near to God.  Thanks Micah Williams for your testimony to me in this area.

I’ve been praying and will continue praying for so many of you who attended the prayer conference by name.  God brings some of you to mind at times and I’m not even sure what to pray but I just pray for God to fill you with His Spirit.  I pray also that you all will taste even more of the Spirit’s work in your lives and ministry, and marriage, friendships and church.  There is no better way to spend our time than with the LORD.  I’m so eager to hear the testimonies of lives changed through your commitment to prayer.  I’m also eager to hear and see the fruits of God’s move among the lost, bringing them to belief in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise God with me that He has provided a like-minded young couple from our church to serve alongside Cyndi and I in leadership at our summer camp this year.  This was another answer to our prayers.  Last night we met with them in our home to pray.  The wife commented that my brokenness and call to prayer and revival was an answer to prayer and that when I shared on Sunday they could hardly contain the excitement of what God was about to do.  You see others saw in me a pride and refusal to bow the knee that I didn’t want to admit to in myself.  I’m so grateful to the LORD that people cared enough about me to pray for my cold, dry heart.  They too were convicted to pray more as a couple and to pray more individually and we will be praying with them weekly.  The testimony is common among these people in my church that the desire was there but the hindrances to prayer were walls keeping them and I from it.  Pray that God would all the more convict His people of cold hearts, beginning with us, and lead us on to great things we can’t even imagine today.  He is able, He is able, He is able!


Love you all,


Psalm 145:3, “Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised, And His greatness is unsearchable.”
Dan Williams

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  • Carla
    May 15, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    This encouraged my heart. Thanks for being so transparent Dan!


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