What lengths would you go to?

I decided this morning that I really love the Queen of Sheba.  I read in Matthew 12:42 about how she heard of the wisdom of Solomon, and sought him out at great length in order to witness for herself of him.  Scripture records that when she saw him, she realized that there was even much more to him than what she had heard.  She testified, “the half was not told me!” ( I Kings 10: 7)  What a testimony! 

And yet, the point of the verse in Matthew is that there is a greater than Solomon that was there walking among them.  And how many people were unwilling to see or believe, unwilling to hear His wisdom! 

But what about me?  I don’t even have to go to great lengths in order to find Christ – ‘Immanuel, God with us’ is not just now walking somewhere on earth where I’d have to travel far, or perhaps climb a tree, in order to just catch a glimpse of Him!  If I need help, I don’t need to try and barge my way through the crowds in order to just hopefully touch the hem of His robe.  I have the amazing privilege of ‘Christ living in me!’, I have the honor of being able to ‘open the door and I will come in and sup with him, and He with me!’, every. single. day!

What lengths, rather, do I sometimes go to in order to not see the most wise and beautiful Man the world has ever known?  What do I let get in the way of my time with Him rather than giving that quiet place the importance that is deserves? 

How about you?

The half has not been fancied, this side the golden shore; Each day He grows still sweeter than He ever was before!

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1 Comment

  • Suzi
    February 8, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    Lovely thought Lynn. I am guilty of putting much between me and quiet time with Him. Thanks for the prompt to refocus and push to make time with my Savior my priority.


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