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Perhaps some of you are like me and you’ve not been quick to respond to the horrific events going on in our country.  Maybe, like me, you’ve had a hard time wrapping your mind around all of it – not sure what to think, exactly, or what to say.  

I spent so much of the day yesterday praying with a deep burden about what happened to George Floyd, the actions of the police involved, the rioting and looting and more killings, the hashtags of blacklivesmatter, alllivesmatter, and the statements like, ‘silence = violence’. 

If this is you, I’d like to encourage you with a very short story from the Bible.  In the book of Exodus, there are 2 women who do something very courageous.  Their names are Shiphrah and Puah.  When Pharaoh is afraid of the Israelites because there are so many of them, he issues a command for these midwives, and others, to kill all of the baby boys being born.  Shiphrah and Puah refuse, because they fear God, and many boys are born alive.  Shiphrah and Puah valued the lives of others over their own.  They knew they could be killed for their actions.  But, because they feared God, they would not murder.

Fast-forward in the story, and Moses is born.  If you know Moses’ story, you know that his mother also did something amazing and dangerous, and you know what an impact that made on an entire nation, and how God is still using Moses’ story to inspire others! Moses ends up being used by God to do some amazing things! (You can read about Moses’ story starting in Exodus 2 and then Hebrews 11)

Shiphrah, Puah, and Moses’ mother all did something remarkable.  Because of their fear of God, they valued life, and that made a difference in their sphere of influence.  It made a difference in the world around them. It made a huge impact for a whole group of people and is still making one today.  

Maybe you’ve been like me, you’ve seen the injustices in the world and not known how to respond.  I suggest this.  Fear God, and because of that, value life.  All human life.  Because each person is precious, made in the image of God.  Ask God to help you see others through His eyes.  Get to know the people around you – in truth, each person is SO MUCH MORE than the color of his/her skin, or their gender or sexual identity, or their profession, or their diet, etc… Get to know the people around you – see their value and love them!

And change your sphere of influence.  Maybe that means you picket; maybe that means you begin a campaign; maybe that means you teach your children to value others and change the thinking of future generations; maybe that means you go out and get to know your neighbors today.  

But most of all, fear God, love the people that He created in His image!  Value those that Jesus Christ valued to the point of dying for them!  And yeah.  That’s every single person you will ever meet! 

God loves people more than anything.  So should we. 

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1 Comment

  • Suzi Flynn
    June 4, 2020 at 4:59 pm


    Thank you for this. Love is our mandate and it is not easy, but it is so important.


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