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Make a Difference

Perhaps some of you are like me and you’ve not been quick to respond to the horrific events going on in our country.  Maybe, like me, you’ve had a hard time wrapping your mind around all of it – not sure what to think, exactly, or what to say.   I spent so much of the day yesterday praying with a deep burden about what happened to George Floyd, the actions of the police involved, the rioting and looting and more killings, the hashtags of blacklivesmatter, alllivesmatter,

The Roller Coaster Weekend

I have always loved a good roller coaster!  I grew up living near Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, which is not only the second oldest operating amusement park in the US, but also is perpetually boasting the biggest, fastest, tallest or most numerous rides as well.  Today they boast 18 world-class roller coasters, and that doesn’t even include the thrill rides, let alone the family rides, the kids rides and the water rides and slides!  My parents were super cool about

Finding beauty in the valleys

You see these flowers? I took this picture 4 years ago today - the first time (and I think the only time) that I cried over flowers. (ok - maybe I literally cried 'over/above' them at a funeral or something - but this time it was 'over/about' them) You see, I had never before been able to grow anything outside because we spent so much time on the road that everything would die. That was not a negative, because we loved the life the Lord had given us, just a fact of life. One time a sweet

What lengths would you go to?

I decided this morning that I really love the Queen of Sheba.  I read in Matthew 12:42 about how she heard of the wisdom of Solomon, and sought him out at great length in order to witness for herself of him.  Scripture records that when she saw him, she realized that there was even much more to him than what she had heard.  She testified, “the half was not told me!” ( I Kings 10: 7)  What a testimony!  And yet, the point of the verse in Matthew is that there is a

Where does God have you?

At one point in my life I was struggling with living out of suitcases for months on end while our family traveled from camp to camp doing ministry. Although we were having a blast traveling around, meeting people, and Scott was ministering the Word, there were times I struggled with my attitude about what the Lord was requiring of me. Sometimes, when I let the enemy have his way with me, I would feel like all I did of any value was keep my little ones out of the way of the programs that were

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