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September in a Glance (or two, or three…)

Girl time at American Girl opening in KCTime with the niece and nephew at the zooTime with friends on the lake!Beautiful Kansas skies!Checking out the Harley's!Pigeon hunting with Joe!Making a poster that describes me - it cracks me up that Daniel put Absent-Minded! (and exiting - lol)I loved it when I found all these notes that Rebekah had saved from her lunch box! How sweet that she has kept them all!!Date night at the K!Also to note that we started football games this September - what fun!

Healing Waters!

"The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; You shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail." (Isaiah 58:11)I have spent quite a bit of time meditating on this verse, as of late. I can recall times in my spiritual walk where I have felt like my soul was in drought. I felt dry, useless, weary, yet realizing my need for spiritual revival. At times I knew it was because I wasn't drinking from the well -

Needing Refreshment?

Coffee Hour - a fixed occasion of informal meeting and chatting where refreshments are servedI stumbled upon this definition in the MW Collegiate dictionary and I immediately fell in love with it. I know, sounds crazy, right?But really, who doesn't love a good coffee hour, with it's informal meeting and chatting where one can just fellowship, relax, be themselves and come away refreshed, in more ways than one!In our home, our morning 'coffee hour' is definitely a fixed occasion! It's a normal,

Rebekah’s story

It was a big decision that we made this year to change our direction with schooling. That's a whole story in itself, which I won't go into right now. I am certain, however, that even if we were to change our minds tomorrow, the few days the kids have spent in public school were where the Lord had them to be! This is Rebekah's story ..."I was in reading class and 'A' asked me if the world will ever end. I said, "I don't think that's a question I can really answer with a yes or no," so I

Life changing ideas….

'Oh yeah,' I thought this morning as I was looking at a friend's photos online. 'I have one of those things called a blog, too.' Unfortunately, my blog has not been the only thing that has been neglected as of late. But, I'm working on it :o)So, although there are MANY things that have happened since my last post in September, I have only 2 things I want to share today...2 things the Lord has really seen fit to impress on me as of late...maybe they will mean as much to you as they have to

Trusting in the hard times

It's been a super tough month - really I can't begin to tell all the reasons why - but the past couple of days it seems like things have been snowballing. Ever feel like that? Why is it that when you feel like you are just trying to keep your head above water that the waves seem to come taller and stronger? A month ago Scott's dad passed away of pancreatic cancer; 2 days ago, my step-dad's brother died of cancer; my older sister has skin cancer that is in the second layer of skin and they are

A gentleman, yet a boy…

Yesterday Danny took two lady friends out for coffee (one of which could drive)... They walk into World Cup as Danny holds the door for them. Then he says, "Ladies, order whatever you like!" After they all order, he adds 3 cream puffs, one for each of them. He was absolutely suave, and quite the gentleman!......... yet earlier that he runs from outside with a mischievous 'sweet' - grabs something and takes back off outside.Look out the window, and what could you see? Danny

What a day!!!

...had a friend spend the night for D's birthday...helped Eunice move in this morning...unpacked...fed all the movers lunch...took Danny, Rebekah, Christian and Abby to the pool to swim...bathed kiddos...helped unpack more boxes...made birthday dinner for Danny...had birthday dinner (yummy biscuits and gravy - his favorite)...cleaned up...unpacked more boxes...put 4 kids to bed...did laundry for hubby's trip tomorrow food ready for potluck tomorrow...rearranged furniture...going to pack

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