Giving Children Tobacco

This morning Danny and I engaged in a very interesting conversation. He wanted to know about tobacco. I proceeded to tell him about how it is bad because it is not only addicting, but that it can give people mouth cancer. To make my point, I gave a nice little description of how nasty that

Family Christmas

One crazy performance of Away in a Manger! (which I will post if I can figure out how to put a video on here) Daniel, Scott, Rebekah The guys The girls This is Abby sporting Christian’s new Cars underwear! This is Abby sporting all 3 new pairs of Dora undies!

Chroo Abowt God

This morning Rebekah was taking notes on Grandpa’s message – I love to read what thoughts strike her little heart 🙂 This is what her notes are : Psalm 139 Chroo abowt God (true about God) take the next step 7-12 God is there God will support 13 throo 16 thots tord him (thoughts toward

David Blaine

Yesterday in Las Vegas David Blaine was filming on the strip. One of the guys from the Good News team, Eric Smith, decided to try and give him a CD, “Nothing Happens by Chance.” Blaine’s crew was telling Eric, “no”, but Blaine came over to him and pretended that he was stabbed and fell to

Happy Birthday Scott!

I just can’t let this day go by without saying how thankful I am for my wonderful husband! He is truly a gift from the Lord in many ways. There is not a better match for me in this world, and I’m infinitely grateful that the Lord brought us together. Happy birthday babe – you


Tonight has been a sad one for Rebekah 🙁 As you can see, her earring is pretty infected. Rebekah just got her ears pierced as a Christmas present from her pop-pop and it was very special for her. We are praying earnestly that the Lord will allow her to keep her earrings and that I

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